My Food

About Me, The Food lover


I am Denise!

Healthy Food enthusiast!

I love eating healthy foods and exploring the universe of veggies and meats! i eat whatever i want and calorie count afterwards, i also love running for cardio

if you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can reach me through my email or through mobile number 09152068214

My Favorite Meals


The Perfect Sandwich, Egg Sandwich!

this egg sandwich is rich in protein and will help you feel enough until your next meal


The Fruit Salad you'll love

this healthy salad will help you get enough vitamins and will you with clearing your skin


Grilled chicken

this grilled chicken will give you the right amount of protein that will help you build muscle

What else?

Yummy Pesto Pasta

this basil pasta is good for you health! try it out